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R.I.P. MSN Messenger

Long time ago(1999)… install MSN Messenger(only ~900kb from a CD) and start journey my internet experience.
For now, its all over baby blue. The reviever from Jonathan Kay doesnt works anymore on WindowsXP and i still use them because its the best OS ever(not perfect but the best we have). 15 years as MS-Fanboy and now i realize the vendor-lock problem.  (may 10 years for the fanboy because i disgagree the ms-strategy at the last years. fun fact: i hold the ms-flag alive at year of 2000 on a debian installation party in the german chaos computer club and the c-base. harder then ever….)

What i think is: time to change the environment and left of Microsoft.  The problem is i have no idea how can i do this.
Moreover MS is aware of my problem(thats why his arrogance). You can’t change your technology vendor as easy.

Whats the best strategy for a powerful MS-based developer to left of Microsoft ?

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