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“No change has been made in Office 2016”

At the introduce of MS Office 2016 – the MS Product manager told us. “We did no changes  because bla bla Marketing bla….(we dont care for this API anymore – is what he really means)”

Last night i take a deep look in the Office2013 and Office2016 COM API to to see it is realy the truth?
I’ve been compared Excel/Word/Outlook and PowerPoint in detail – with my own special tools there help me to create the NetOffice source code.
Ok, here it comes:

Yes – it is. No changes in Office 2016 COM API in comparsion to Office 2013.

No new types, no changed method, property signatures, no new enum members, nothing at all!
(no warranties for the implementation behind but Office 2016 API is definetily the same as its previous version)


[Edit: In a previous version i talk about Office 2015 instead of 2013. Thanks to officemacro.wordpress.com  here]





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  1. 7. August 2016 at 06:42

    Office 2015? Did you mean Office 2013 (version 15)?

    • 7. August 2016 at 15:08

      ouch!!! you got me. it is office 2013 as you say. i was confused for a moment because 16 is office 2016 and 15 is office 2013 – not office 2015.
      thanks for helping me out.


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