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Create RegAddin.exe – Day 29

Currently i create a commandline tool called RegAddin.exe – It is redestributable in installations and has more options as RegAsm.exe – specialy it comes with a feature to register and deploy an addin only for the current user without admin privileges(1). (It works also with Build events in visual studio to replace “Register for COM Interop”) With some WIX templates it was very easy to to deploy an addin  -even for beginners-  thats the idea.

It works so far but i still face some magic from RegAsm.exe i didnt understand – and there is no documentation at all how this infrastructure works. So i use the monkey-see-monkey-do principle in virtual machines and spend limitless hours each night to understand what are the rules behind.

Currently i have 2 Addins(AnyCPU compiled)  on an 64 Bit system there totaly the same for me incl. its dependencies.
But for the first addin RegAsm.exe generate

@ = “mscoree.dll”

and for the second addin:

@= “C:\Windows\SysWow64\mscoree.dll”

The second addin is redirected to Wow but not the first addin.  I have no idea why for the moment…
Even in ILSpy/DotNetReflector i see no difference.

So thats what i do at the moment.



(1) Since Windows 7 it is possible to register an addin without admin privileges only for the current user. The HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive key spend some special subkeys to bypass HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. But RegAsm.exe/Visual Studio(and most Intallers) can’t handle that.



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