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The real hard way

Yesterday, i ve been visit a developer conference in Athens and speak about the C++ managed/umanaged scenario.(MS C++ is the only language there can handle both scenarios twices in a simple method anyway-fulll control)

Some people ask me why you so angry about MS? and why you still works as a developer in Microsoft Environment?
Go away if you dont like!

Thats a realy good question what i find.

My answer is as follows:
I’m a developer in MS technologies sience 1999(as a professional in age 19) and at this time, the tools are good, better as today, the ideas was good and the spirit was good. (good means good at his time of course…. no match for today) Today i see the quality is lower and lower, and dont believe in the service software strategy what the Microsoft Marketing so call it “Cloud”.  So it is easy to left off but i dont want – i just hate Cloud and JS  and all this Money Money Money scenario. Imagine: If 1000 developers left off MS doesnt care, if the same 1000 developers still stay and scream “WE DONT WANT IT” this can be the start of a real movement. I generaly miss some critical comments in the microsoft developer world. all MS dev bloggers, it-newspapers find everything totaly good, the microsoft world seems to be sooo happy – is this your real world as a developer? Not for me…

So i dont left Microsoft, i just say “NO” to the “Cloud” – this is more hard as just left off the MS environment.  Excuse me for “my crazyness” in the future.. it is because i want to be as loud as possible because it seems to be i’m alone.




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