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Why i dont want to have donations in NetOffice

10. February 2017 5 comments

In 5 years now, a lot of people(okay maybe 10) ask me in the discussions how i can make a donation by giving money and i say no sir!

Here is why:

I like to have a personal playground. As a professional developer i must do things i’m not happy with, for the time for the money for the customers or whatever.
Few years ago a senior developer give me adivse “Dont be in love with your project – never”  One of the best suggestions ever in my life(i didnt realize this at this time in age of 19)
But i want to have everything perfect(because this is my character – some people say i need a doctor – be fair and dont ask my ex-girlfriends)
The real life for a pro developer isn’t very perfect,  you must bring imperfect solutions and see how a customer make money with bullshit you give him and you ask yourself how this world can be happen.

So the professional developer life is my yin and the open source projects is my yang. I can do everything what and when i want – here is my love in a good place.
And if i need a break for few weeks i can do that.(I’m also sick of NetOffice sometimes but after 1-2 weeks i want have it back again with full power)
Now imagine the scenario people spend me money, someone need help and spend me money and i’m in holiday/break means not responsable. These is the scenario i fear because its not fair.
When people paying money to you this means you have a contract – legal or not. This is a grant/general promise i can not give.







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