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Codeplex shut down now – whats next?

Microsoft is genius – disable an idea by stop the support and bring technicial difficulties into play – in time.
After 3-4 years just say there are only few hundred users anymore – YES because you want it so Microsoft!
There is no new source code for years on NetOffice because Codeplex stop to support SVN code commits in 2014 – do you know that? Yes i know git is nice but i’m happy with SVN as the one and only comitter. So git resolve problems i dont have. ( I’ve been tried to find a friendly alternative to Ankh SVN in git but i failed – the last wast Atlassins Source Tree but this software want calling home or doesnt works.)

So, i want support the code on github now with Caio Pete and Josef Izso(two fabolous guys) and commit new versions, Josef helps me here to have actual code right now on github.
But i dont like github. I give support only on codeplex as long is possible. For the future you have to contact me on my mail addresses public.sebastian[eetx]web.de or microschuft[eetx]hotmail.com

As codeplex has been started i feel young,  now i feel old(as a developer).
At this time a big thanks to my former friend Matthias Viehweger(kronn.de) in Germany. He helps me to find good documentation and translation in year of 2008 for the NetOffice idea.
Most of the documentation in NetOffice – its him.

So codeplex is dead, but what about VSTO?





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  1. 2. April 2017 at 12:18

    I have no commit problems with Codeplex and TortoiseSVN since 2013, November. My last commit was done at February, 21th.

  2. 7. April 2017 at 08:29

    Good for you! (seriously)

    Looks like the issue occurs in some selected circumstances.
    I gave a message to codeplex 2 years before because i have problems with my big repo because the submit failed after 2-3 minutes. (to commit all takes a while – may netoffice is the biggest repository on codeplex)

    I recieved a private mail from a chinese support company – and he say the SVN Bridge is broken *sry* and no way to fix it because MS left off codeplex.
    The guy he answered me is so called “fairy” on codeplex – not a codeplex admin – this means something critical or Microsoft realy left off Codeplex – now we know.

  3. 7. April 2017 at 11:35

    IIRC, Github offers a SVN-interface, so your tooling will work.

    Generally, it’s a real shame that another open-source repository provider shuts down. Then again: in a few years, everyone will be fed up with github and several new providers will hopefully pop up.

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