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Push me to the Limits

Have you ever heard from this old Scarface Song watched by more than 20 million people?

(I must write the Link character by character because the wordpress java script interface doesnt let me do that. FU javascript)

At some point in an open source project you must to decide you what  want to be in an open source project as a single person you work for.
To the profesionals or to the audience.

I spend limitless nights the last years to give support and no one give me a thanks from the non-professional people.
I want to show a list with people here there use me as a tool – but dont do this in respect of privacy.

The point is i want bring the project to a professional level an no support for the public anymore. But this sounds impossable because 99% of all developers here  are not real developers.  I try to deal with that all the years. But as patient every week in a chest pain unit let me say – time is too important to give 2 days support to a people that answer me again and never say thank you from the bottom of its heart.

shame on me i do the same in my work – find a quick solution and never think about the guys there made it while copy code from codeproject or download code from XY. YOU DO THE SAME!






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